Golden Gate Bridge and San FranciscoLitigation Law Group investigates cases large and small.  We represent clients in personal injury litigation, wrongful termination and employment rights matters, consumer class actions, and most types of complex litigation. With offices in the picturesque Alameda Marina, in Alameda, California, Litigation Law Group has convenient access to all courts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Four regional international airports give us access to other parts of California and the nation. We take most of our cases on contingency, meaning that we receive payment only if the litigation is successful, from the proceeds of the case.


Gordon M. Fauth, Jr.

The firm’s principal, Gordon M. Fauth, Jr., has a cutting edge background in complex litigation, with extensive experience in civil litigation, including class-action and anti-trust litigation, consumer litigation, civil rights, personal injury and business litigation. He has successfully prosecuted many actions in which multi-million dollar results were achieved.

Mr. Fauth received his undergraduate degree in Government from Harvard University and his law degree from the University of California at Berkeley. He is admitted to practice before both California and Federal courts, including all California trial courts; the California Court of Appeals; the California Supreme Court; the United State District Courts for the Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern Districts of California; the United States Courts of Appeals for the Fifth and Ninth Circuits; and the United States Supreme Court. He has filed briefs with the California Supreme Court and the Unites States Supreme Court. Mr. Fauth is a recognized member of professional organizations including the California Bar Association, the Alameda County Bar Association, the Private Defenders and the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association. He has served as an Advisory Board Member of the American Bar Association. Mr. Fauth is Of Counsel to Finkelstein Thompson LLP, a leading class action firm based in Washington DC.

Other affiliated attorneys have extensive experience in diverse areas of litigation, including consumer protection, anti-trust litigation, other complex litigation, employment law, business litigation and criminal law.

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