Following are just a few of the cases in which the principal of the firm has worked to achieve successful results for clients:

Lima v. Gateway, Inc. Class action brought by Litigation Law Group on behalf of the Gateway XHD3000 30-inch LCD monitor, which the complaint alleged was defective, exhibiting visual artifacts including green lines, stuttering and complete screen failure, failing to perform as advertised.

Korean Center, Inc. et al. v. Ahn, et al. Case brought on behalf of public-interest, non-profit corporations. In hearing of corporate governance disputes under Corporations Code 5617, obtained judgment upholding right of parent corporation to appoint the majority of subsidiary’s directors.

Fricke-Parks Press, Inc. v. Fang , et al. Case brought on behalf of commercial printing plant, alleged violations of federal and state anti-trust statutes. After prevailing on motion to dismiss, obtained settlement safeguarding client’s interests.

Ho v. San Francisco Unified School District. Case brought on behalf of Chinese-American schoolchildren challenged school district’s use of race in admission process. Alleged Fourteenth Amendment and other violations. After favorable rulings on legal standards by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, defendants entered into settlement forbidding use of race.

MCI Non-Subscriber Rates Litigation. Case brought on behalf of a class of MCI customers charged high “casual caller” rates for long distance calls (a surcharge plus rates of approximately $0.40 per minute), instead of the direct-dial rates provided by MCI’s subscriber plans. A $90 million settlement was approved by the Court.

Allen Lund Co., Inc. v. AT&T Corporation. Case brought on behalf of long distance customers allegedly “slammed” to Business Discount Plan, Inc., a reseller for AT&T long distance, and charged extremely high rates. The court approved a settlement providing refunds or free long distance service (at the class member’s election).

In Re: Providian Credit Card Cases. A settlement for $105 million was approved by the court, settling claims that Providian assessed credit card customers improper late fees and other fees, including unauthorized charges for add-on products such as Credit Protection and for credit line increases.

In Re: Digex, Inc. Shareholder Litigation. A settlement providing stock and cash totalling $175, as well as non-cash benefits worth $450 million, was obtained for shareholders of Digex, Inc. Shareholders had brought suit after MCI WorldCom entered into a merger agreement with Intermedia Communications, Inc., the majority shareholder in Digex, pursuant to which MCI WorldCom would acquire a controlling interest in Digex at allegedly bargain-basement prices.

Brauer v. Primetime. The court approved a settlement valued at over $40 million, providing free premium programming to a class of subscribers to satellite TV, whose network programming had been interrupted after defendants were found to have violated copyright laws by retransmitting ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox programming to customers.

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