iStock_000013606565MediumWhen you are injured because of another party’s fault or negligence—whether intentional or accidental—that is compensable personal injury.  It includes assaults, car accidents, motorcycle and bike accidents, injuries suffered while at a store or business, even injuries sustained at recreational or sporting events.  The law states that the personal injury victim is entitled to compensation, both for personal injuries and for any property damage.  Usually, this means that an insurance company pays to compensate the victim for the injuries and damages sustained.

Car Accident

Sometimes, accidents are partly the fault of both parties.  In that case, recovery is often still possible, according to the percentage of fault attributed to the other party.

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic CollisionDon’t assume your injury is too trivial to be compensated.  While some accidents leave the victim with serious injuries, even mild injuries can be fully compensated. It is also a mistake to ignore an accident just because there are no visible injuries and little or no pain immediately following the accident.  It is often later, once adrenalin has subsided and inflammation sets in, or in the days following the accident, that symptoms and damage from whiplash type injuries manifest and increase–and they can be serious, especially if left untreated.

If you have been in an accident or suffered injury, contact us without cost or obligation to find out whether your injury entitles you to payment.

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